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As an industry leader in strategic development, global workforce management and mastering your reinvention, it is my duty to stay up-to-date on the most relevant, innovative and impactful business practices. The free resources shared below include helpful tips, talks, articles and much more!

Free Webinars

Are you the Master of Your Reinvention?

Listen in on Dr. Shirley's free webinar to explore key tips to discover your best self.

Strategies for Staying Booked as a Keynote Speaker

In this webinar on Black NSA, Dr. Shirley tells how to get and stay booked as a keynoter!

Not getting invited to the proverbial table?

Listen to Dr. Shirley's webinar on Strategies for How to Get Invited to the Table and to Sustain Your Place

Free Worksheets & Reference Guides

16 Micro-Behaviors for Contributing to a More Inclusive Workplace

Download this list of micro-behaviors that you can reference in creating a more welcoming and inclusive workplace culture

Strategies for Building More Culturally Competent Presentations

Download this tip sheet on how to avoid speaker blindspots for your next presentation.

Tips for Being An Ally Against Racism

Download this tip sheet for some ways to be an ally against racism.

Strategies for Leading Workforce 2030

What does it take to lead the workforce up to 2030? Download this handout to find out.

Strategies for Staying Booked as a Speaker

Download this list of strategies that will help speakers up their game and get more bookings!

Presentation on Speaker Blindspots that Can Cost You Business

Click to view Dr. Davis's presentation on Speaker Blindspots that Can Cost You Business!

Resources on Racism in America

Check out some of these linked resources on racism in America.

What Workers Want in Their Leaders

Attention Leaders! Check out this list of competencies that workers want in their leaders today.

Communication skills are key!

Taken from Dr. Shirley's best selling book "Reinvent Yourself," this worksheet walks you though the best steps to achieving powerful communication skills!

Are you a master of your reinvention?

Use this worksheet from Dr. Shirley's best selling book, "Reinvent Yourself" to walk you through discovering your best self!

6 C's of Inclusive Leadership

Check out this free handout on the 6 C's of what inclusive leaders need to effectively lead!

It's time for a culture transformation!

In this open letter to CEO's, Dr. Shirley addresses how training is not where change should start or stop.

Are you maximizing your career potential?

Use this worksheet to rate yourself on how well you are performing in these top 10 categories for career success!

Inclusive Leadership: A New Model for Workforce 2030

Check out this article written by Dr. Davis that discusses what workers are wanting from today's leaders.