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Given these unprecedented times of racial injustices that have precipitated the protests, outrage, and civil unrest in our country, we are aware of the emotional and psychological toll that these incidents can take on workers, businesses and communities.

As CEO of SDS Global Enterprises, Inc. and throughout my 20+ years as an expert in the DEI space, I understand how important it is to take immediate action in times like these. In lieu of the recent events that have highlighted the inequities in our society, SDS Global continues to provide resources to respond and strategies needed to build more inclusive workplaces. These are some of the resources that we are providing to our clients to help navigate through these difficult and sensitive topics:

  1. Provide COACHING ON MESSAGING to your organization regarding the civil unrest and injustices that are happening in our nation.
  2. Facilitation of LISTENING SESSIONS with staff to create a safe space to allow for open dialogue and to identify opportunities and solutions for moving forward.
  3. KEYNOTES/WEBINARS via virtual platform on “Creating more Inclusive and Equitable Workplace Cultures” and “Tips for Tackling Taboo Topics” (such as race/racism, gender inequality, religion, etc).
  4. CONSULTING with SR. EXECUTIVES on strategies for addressing institutional and systemic racial inequities and other discriminatory practices.
  5. INDIVIDUAL COACHING to help leaders effectively lead and work across differences.
  6. Provide AUDITS and ASSESSMENTS on organizational culture to identify inequities.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to instill and ensure an inclusive and high performing culture. Reassuring staff that they are valued, reaffirming that diversity and inclusion are core to your values and culture, creating safe spaces for sharing feelings, and offering solutions and resources on how to navigate emotionally-charged situations are all ways to help achieve this.

We are a full-service provider with virtual delivery options that are available on multiple platforms. We stand ready to partner with you to provide expert consulting, facilitation, training, education, coaching, and strategy development. We look forward to hearing from you on how we can partner with your organization.


Dr. Shirley Davis

CEO of SDS Global Enterprises, Inc.

"Working with organizations around the world to help create

more inclusive & high performing workplaces where ALL talent can thrive"

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