Dr. Shirley Davis


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Dr. Shirley Davis’ YouTube channel

Dr. Davis’s newest interview on FOX 24 News Now:

“Handling Back-to-Work Stress as and Employer”


How to Navigate the “Great Resignation”

Dr. Shirley Davis, author of “Living Beyond “What If?” and President and CEO of SDS Global Enterprises shares tips on how to plan your employment exit strategy. Interview on WUSA9

ABC 25 Local Lifestyles – Dr. Davis’s Interview on “Living Beyond ‘What If?”

Dr. Davis talks to WREG Memphis, News Channel 8, about the “Great Resignation”

View the Live Interview Here!

Recent Podcast Interviews:

Dr. Shirley Davis appears on #TheCandEs Shop Talk Podcast. Listen in on how improving #candidateexperience impacts #recruiting and the business bottom line.  http://bit.ly/CandEShopTalk179

Check out Dr. Davis’s recent discussion on “Living Beyond Your What Ifs and Post-COVID Mass Resignations” on the See It to Be It Podcast with Melinda Garvey

In this episode of the CUNA News Podcast, global workforce expert Dr. Shirley Davis explores how leaders can foster inclusive work environments and create productive and rewarding team dynamics that reward top performers. Check out the Interview Here

On a recent Price of Business show, Host Kevin Price visited with author Shirley Davis on the state of Affirmative Action today and what businesses need to do to make such policies part of a growth strategy.

In this recent interview by The Trusted Table, Dr. Davis discusses how boards can recruit and onboard diverse trustees, the impact of diversity on board culture, and how to manage conflicts that may arise from embracing diverse perspectives. Listen to the Interview Here

Dr. Davis is interviewed by Kevin Grossman, President of Talent Board on The CandEs Shop Talk Podcast show regarding her appearance at the upcoming California HR Conference and her session “Workforce Trends that will Redefine the Workplace, Workers, and Work”:

On this episode of Brave Girls, Tracy Imm speaks with her guide and mentor, Dr. Shirley Davis, also known as The Success Doctor. In this episode Dr. Davis talks about her faith as a foundation and how that has contributed to her positive mindset as she pursues her purpose on earth in this time. She shares her “why” and how she is helping others to step up into their purpose through her story of overcoming obstacles. We also touch on fear and why you need to have faith over fear.

Here are some of Dr. Shirley Davis’ videos:

Are you the master of your own reinvention? Click below to listen as Dr. Davis shares some powerful strategies and tips on how to recover and reinvent yourself to achieve greater success.


Check out this recent interview on CBS’ Atlanta Small Business Network:

Full link here


Dr. Shirley Davis speaks to the Les Brown Speakers Institute attendees about “Exit Strategies”. 


Listen to Dr. Davis’ webinar delivered live on February 08, 2017, to Global Healthcare Resources on “Global Workforce Trends” that Will Redefine the Workforce, Workplace, and the Work. The screen cast is below.