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5 Key Drivers of Increasing Employee Engagement and Loyalty Part 3 of a Three Part Series on Employee Engagement

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In the first two parts of this series on Employee Engagement, I laid the foundational knowledge about how the workforce has and will be changing in the next decade, how it is impacting engagement, what are the key drivers of engagement, who’s most engaged and who’s not, and what are companies doing to become Great Places to Work. In this final installment of my three part series, I leave you with twelve actions that you can implement in order to increase employee engagement and loyalty which will lead to increased productivity, performance, and business results.

  1. Provide clear and compelling direction and vision that empowers employees.
  2. Make retention strategies personal—not one size fits all.
  3.  Offer meaningful and challenging work.
  4. Invest in leadership development and people manager training.
  5. Provide open, honest, and balanced feedback/coaching.
  6. Maintain a focus on career growth and development.
  7. Allow more flexibility.
  8. Closely examine underperformance.
  9. Recognize and reward high performance. Know what motivates your people.
  10. Practice the Platinum Rule.
  11. Build inclusion into all of your business processes.
  12. Conduct stay interviews.

Please feel free to leave comments on other actions you can take to increase employee engagement and loyalty.

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