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Living on the Other Side of Imagination

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For those who have known me for a while or have read Chapter 3 of my book, “Reinvent Yourself,” know that for the past 15 years, that the night after celebrating Christmas with my family I would be on plane heading to some tropical paradise near water, sand, a 5 star resort, and beautiful scenery. I would go to places like Barbados, St. Martens, Paradise Island, Jamaica, Cabo, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, etc. It would be 7 days of ME time for rest, relaxation, reflection, cleansing, prayer, fasting, refreshing, goal setting, and celebration of the year’s successes. It was always my time alone with ME and GOD to reinvent myself and to imagine what was possible the next year; to imagine living a life of peace, joy, fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and love ALL THE TIME.

Somehow, I could always find that peace by a beach, where no one knew my name, where no demands of life existed, where the hustle and bustle had ceased, and where the calm of the water seemed to whisper God’s direction for my next level so clearly. I would imagine living a resort lifestyle, by the water, in a peaceful safe haven, and joyfully enjoying his constant favor, peace, and abundance; a place where I would escape to every year is what I imagined I could one day live everyday. I would come back so refreshed, refueled, and ready to take on all that God had revealed to me down by the ocean. And today in Dec. of 2016, I can unequivocally report that I am now living on the other side of imagination.

For the first time in 15 years, I am blessed to be able to come off the road after delivering over 80 presentations this year and racking up several hundred thousand travel miles, and have a place where I can enjoy my own ‘staycation.’ I don’t have to travel out of town to enjoy the best beaches in the country, to check into a 5 star resort, to get away from the hustle and bustle, and to enjoy the calm of peace and quiet. I have now created it right here where I live and I can enjoy it every day. When I relocated to Florida I intended to create the life that I always dreamed of and I didn’t want to wait until I retired to do it. Life is too short and it is not promised, so we can’t take anything for granted. We must live each day with purpose and intention, not knowing if it’s our last.

My word of encouragement to you for the new year, is to imagine the life that you want to live–the life that God created you to live–that life of purpose, meaning, significance, peace, fulfillment, and love; and recognize that there is more to life than trying to having the fanciest car, the biggest home, the largest client list, the most money, trying to keep up with the Jones’, or trying to keep up facades. There is more to life than living in a constant state of drama, strife, fraud, unforgiveness, disappointment, self-condemnation, regrets, bitterness and trying to impress people who don’t give a hoot. Many people have said that 2016 was one of their worst years and they can’t wait for it to be over. Well, when you are living on the other side of imagination, each year can be your best year. It’s all in how you see it. I must say, I thought 2014 was great, then 2015 topped it. I thought 2015 was transformational, then 2016 arrived. And on every aspect, it was my best year!!! And I expect that 2017 will be EPIC!!!

On New Year’s eve, don’t focus on a new year’s resolution, but on a life plan that is resolute in what is meant for you. One of my favorite scriptures in the book of Jeremiah 29:11 says: “I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Whatever life you are living now, if it is not fulfilling, prosperous, hopeful, joyful, and a life of abundance (not just money, but abundance in love, joy, peace…..), I invite you to begin re-imagining life and seeking God on his divine purpose and will for your life. Write the vision down and make it plain. Pray over it, act on it by faith, expect God to do what he said he would do, do all that you can do, and know that, you too can begin living on the other side of imagination–which in essence, is living out all of your dreams and making them your reality.

Happy New Year.