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Now is the Time to Reassess

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      THERE COULDN’T BE A MORE APPROPRIATE TIME to consider reinventing yourself than right now. Think about the times in which we live. We’re living in what economist and business leaders refer to as an Era of Disruption and if you are not a disruptor, you are being disrupted. It’s in these times of unprecedented challenges, overwhelming change, and increasing complexities that we come face to face with the realities of life— and we have to make critical decisions. And the decisions we make right now in the midst of disruption and transition may affect the rest of our lives.

     This crisis at the crossroads brings not only new challenges but it can bring new opportunities, new possibilities, and new ways of looking at life and at yourself. First, disruptions represent an opportunity to redefine who you are, reassess your WHY, examine what strengths, gifts and talents you possess, and to reprioritize your goals. It’s a time to ask yourself “Am I where I want to be in life?” If not, it’s time to discover why.

     Second, by now nearly 50% of those who set New Year’s resolutions have broken them. Additionally, research reveals that by April 15th, 70% of those New Year’s resolutions will be abandoned. So, it’s time to reassess why they were broken and were they realistic in the first place. So now is the perfect time to reassess your goals, priorities, and your life plan. It’s a time to reflect on what you’ve done well and what’s not worked well for you, to look at your life, both past and present, your actions, behaviors, and attitudes, and determine if they’re helping you or hindering you on your path to success.

     The following self-assessment questions are for you to reflect on in order to get you started on this journey of redefining success for your life. I use these questions for my own clients. I encourage you to engage in some deep thought and introspection; be as open and as honest with yourself as possible. I understand that you may be experiencing a crisis at the crossroads, but in order for you to take your life to the next level you must first start with yourself. Take whatever time you need to respond thoughtfully and honestly to each question. And if you don’t have an immediate answer to a question, take the time to develop a meaningful response.

How do you define success and what does it look like for you in one year? In 3 years?
In 10 years?
What do you value most in life and why?
Are you where you want to be in life? If not, why?
What is your life’s motto?
What legacy would you leave behind if you were to leave this earth tomorrow? How different would it be from what you
hope to leave?

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