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Building a Respectful & Harassment-Free Workplace Culture Training Program

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How long has it been since your organization updated its sexual harassment policy?

When was the last time your leaders and employees attended a harassment course?

How inclusive, respectful, and welcoming is your workplace culture?


Every organizational leader has a responsibility to create a culture that values diversity, demonstrates respect, and is free from any form of harassment or discrimination. There is a high price to pay for ignoring and/or allowing sexual harassment to flourish in the workplace, including exorbitant legal fees to defend lawsuits, poor employee morale, low productivity, employee disengagement and turnover, and not to mention the price for repairing a damaged reputation or brand.

SDS Global is pleased to offer our training program

Building a Respectful & Harassment-Free Workplace Culture

This 4-hour interactive course will cover:

Current Compliance & Legal Regulations on Workplace Harassment

How to Create a Respectful, Inclusive, and Harassment-Free Culture

How to Identify Inappropriate Conduct

Actions Required to Address Harassment Issues

We also know that implementing harassment training is simply not sufficient.

Organizations Must Begin with a Culture Transformation

SDS Global Enterprises has the consulting expertise, programs, and resources to help you transform your workplace culture into a welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and great place to work.

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